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Max Farahani

Max Farahani was born in Tehran, Iran, and is an esteemed entrepreneur, philanthropist, and proud father of beautiful twin daughters. Before his passion-driven accomplishments, Max was born into humble beginnings. Being the middle child of six children, whose mother was a homemaker and father an Iranian veteran, Max was self-driven to excel in everything he did. As a result of this drive during his teenage years, Max Farahani became a stellar semi-professional soccer player who later pursued and obtained his bachelor’s degree in Math and computer science.With hopes of propelling himself forward and accomplishing his dreams, Max Farahani was faced with the frightening and life-changing decision of immigrating to the United States of America.

Enthusiastic as he was, alone with no family and no money, Max Farahani moved to Miami, Florida, for the chance at bettering his life and being placed in front of new opportunities. Even though Max was well educated, he was denied success due to having spoken little to no English. He was subjected to dishwasher jobs at local restaurants for months to support himself and barely avoid homelessness. Having been faced with great difficulties, Max Farahani did not allow himself to succumb. Max sought to reinvent himself by seeking additional education and began going to night school after every shift and during the weekends. After a few years, he landed his first real job as a loan officer for a small brokerage firm. Leading up to his impressive career, Max founded Union Trust Financial Services, a privately held company providing residential and commercial lending, in 2001 that developed into a multi-million dollar corporation. Until a financial collapse in 2008 brought upon tremendous toll and forced Max to divert his business to the insurance and wealth management industry. He started fresh as a financial advisor with MetLife, and his success granted him the opportunity to attend several Million Dollar Round Table qualifiers. Being an astounding member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), Max was able to work his way to becoming a managing partner for a few fortune 100 companies, such as MetLife in 2013. There he was responsible for recruiting sales personnel and developing marketing plans to help financial advisors reach their career goals. This advancement presented the opportunity for Max to become the CFO and Partner of Coastal Wealth, a MassMutual Firm.

After reinventing his brand and working diligently to build a well-respected portfolio, Max felt he still wasn’t pushing himself to his maximum potential. After reflecting on his overachieving childhood self, Max took the utmost risk. He left the executive career he built behind and began his true journey onto building an enterprise that would truly pride himself, his family, and his community and act as a legacy that he would be able to pass down to generations to come. At the end of 2020, Max Farahani established eAdvisorPro, an insurance and
wealth management platform built to use technology to provide a personable touch to clients. The birth of this corporation also sought to give a team of financial advisors a kickstart to their careers.

An inspiring philanthropist, Max seeks to give back to the community by being part of multiple charitable organizations such as the CARE Foundation and actively holds memberships in the South Florida Chamber of Commerce, NAIFA, and the Million Dollar Round Table. Max values three things in life: family, health, and growth. In his leisure time, he is either with his twin daughters, exercising, or reading. Max believes in staying ahead by keeping a sharp mind by reading books and educational publications that engage his curiosity on quantum physics and financial technology.